I'm so freaking glad you're here!!!! Let's be friends :)

Soooo you want to know a little more about me huh? For starters, I'm an Enneagram type 4 wing 3, plant obsessed with about 50+ at my home, people-loving, and in loooovvveee with my two cats Zuko and Momo (yes, from Avatar the Last Airbender), they're my world.

My photo journey began in college taking photography I and getting practice by taking photos for all my friends who were dating/married, then got asked to take wedding photos for a couple friends aaaand fast forward to now — I absolutely adore documenting love in all types of forms.

My passion is to create a memorable, AMAZING experience for couples planning one of the best days of their lives and to be their biggest cheerleader behind the camera (here to hype you UP!!!:) — someone who will be there for the mimosa cheers during the beginning of the day to living it up on the dance at the end of the wedding day. Let's PARTY.

I would love to play a part in telling your story. Be sure to send me a message with any questions you have. Let's do this thing!!

Here's how it goes...:)

I'm here to be your wedding day hype woman that's going to make this photography experience run smoothly and be the BEST time for you. I'm laid back but also upbeat and will be ready to create an amazing experience and memories with you in front of my camera. My #1 goal is to make you feel comfortable so I can capture your authentic self through photos, bringing out your true beauty and sweet candid self. I love meeting new people and making sure people feel at ease, I CAN'T WAIT to meet you and break any stranger vibes to get rid of any nerves. My style of photography is a natural, warm, timeless, with a hint of moody style that brings out the true beauty and tones of the setting into an image. I'm going to tell bad jokes to try to make you laugh while doing all I can to make sure we both have the best damn time!!


I grew up in small town rural Minnesota, and now call Sioux Falls, SD home. Being my indecisive self I changed my major 3x throughout college and didn't find my passion for photography until my very last semester of college. Today, I am passionate about marketing and documenting the love stories of couples and families and I can never get enough of it!!

I love hiking, coffee/tea – NEED my hazelnut dark roast every morning, indie pop music, traveling & exploring new places, game nights with friends, baking & cooking new recipes with my boo, SUSHI, trying all types of new food especially of different international flavors!


Raquel is an absolute joy to be around! Her work is very professional and her service is top-notch! She is so patient and accommodating! I will highly recommend her!!

Ben & Nishat