Family + Lifestyle Photography

Freezing time with the ones you love the most

Family sessions are SO special to me and an honor to document. They are a bit different from photographing couples in which my approach is to let the children or dogs lead the session. If your baby needs a minute and is not feeling the photos at the moment, we will wait and try something else that is slower or at their pace until we can warm back up again with the camera.

My ultimate goal is to make the session not feel forced, but very natural and like what an ordinary day with your family would feel like. I will direct the session to make it enjoyable for the entire family rather than a bunch of "okay, now smile!" We will get the classic smiling photo but after that I will have the kids maybe sneak up on you, run to you, or take you for a walk to make it more interactive and forget that I'm even there. I want to tell your family's story in a way that makes you look at the photos afterwards and remind you of that stage in your lives where things may have been a little messy, needed more patience, and were some of the best times together as a family.

No family is one size fits all, so here are some session options

These are my main session offerings for all types of families — big and small. If what you have in mind is not here then still fill out the contact form and we can talk about what you'd like your session to look like and see how we can make it happen.

Outdoor | Starting at 275

There are many great parks in the Sioux Falls, SD area that I love to take families to for an outdoor session. I also have white backdrops for a bit of a studio look but outdoors that work great for small family outdoor sessions as an option as well.

• Starting at $275 for a 30-minute session

• Any park in the Sioux Falls, SD area

In-home/Studio | Starting at 275

Documenting your family in your home is so special and really makes for beautiful photos that are very cozy and intimate. We will typically start in your home and venture possibly a little bit outdoors just outside your home or to a spot your family likes to go near your home (park, coffee shop, playground, etc.)

• Starting at $275 for a 30-minute session

• Note: in-home sessions are better for homes with a lot of natural light in the common area

• Studio session cost not included in this price and will be an extra $50-75

Extended Family | Starting at 275

Extended family sessions are so nice to include extra members of the family and new members! These can include your kids all grown up and their significant others/spouses, grandparents, aunts, etc. These are for families that want to include more than five family members.

• Starting at $275 for a 30-minute session

• $25 added on for each additional family member with families of more than five people

What my favorite people are saying —


"Raquel is FANTASTIC and it was so much fun doing a maternity shoot with her in August. She's got the qualities you'd want from a photographer: professional, organized, personable, timely, and incredibly talented. She came with lots of ideas, so friendly and fun, and we got our photos back so quick! She is worth your booking ❤️"

Trish & Tim

The Tigert Family

This was my second session with the Tigerts and this family holds a special place in my heart. They are so kind and fun to work with. I did their maternity session for James and so it was so fun to see him about a year later as a one-year-old! I love the Perry Nature Reserve area for family sessions in Sioux Falls — lots of trees, woodsy, and enough room to let in enough beautiful rays of sunlight to play with during the session especially during golden hour such as this one.

The Hopp Family

The Hopps reminded me a bit of my family growing up which made it so much fun to photograph them and document this special stage of life with them. They have two young kids and we went to Palisades State Park for this session which was a favorite camping spot for them. It was so fun to just explore the park together and especially during one of the peak fall foliage weekends where the temperature had the perfect cool and crispness to it.