I'm right there with you!

I definitely have my hand up when it comes to not knowing what to wear! For any photoshoots of myself, I put a lot of thought into this decision, and it can be stressful! Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you when picking your photoshoot outfit!

No. 1

Pick your color palette

Decide which tones you want — earth tones, blue tones, neutrals (my favorite) are all great options. Choose a color that always looks great on you and you feel yourself in. Still not sure? Having some neutrals in there always looks great in photos — tans, creams, greys, & whites are tough to go wrong in photos.

No. 2

Don’t match, coordinate.

For couple photos or especially family photos, having all three kids wearing the same shade of pink doesn’t look very appealing in photos. Try to have different shades of the same color that look good together or choose colors that compliment each other.

No. 3

Match the location

Go with the season and location. For fall season photos, pick some tans, reds, and browns that will look great with the changing leaves. Sweaters, cardigans, & hats always look good in photos. Think about what the location will look like and pick colors that will complement the scene.

No. 4

Be comfortable

My goal in the photoshoot is to capture your true self. Your style is a part of this so I want you to pick an outfit that would be your go‑to dressy casual outfit that you feel most comfortable in. If you like to wear dresses and jewelry then wear that or if you have a more grunge style then add some darker tones to your look. At the end of the day, I am there to document who you are and your emotions — not what you wear, so choose what your are comfortable in. :)

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