Detail shots.

The first thing I'll do when I arrive to where you are getting ready (after saying hello and gushing about how excited I am for you) is take some detail shots. It's helpful if you gather everything so that it's all together when I arrive. I suggest having it all in a box the night before or the week of your wedding since there is a lot going on the morning of your wedding!

Some items for detail shots can include...

— Rings

— Ring Box

— Invitations

— Jewelry

— Perfume

— Bouquet + Boutonniere

— Vows

— Ribbon

— Tie

— Suit

— Watch

— Dress + Veil

— Shoes

— Cuff links

— Something blue, something borrowed

— Any other sentimental details or anything you want photos of, throw them in there!

Also – I highly recommend getting a nice hanger for your wedding attire. They don't have to be fancy and custom-made – but hanging a dress or suit jacket on a wooden hanger looks much better than a flimsy plastic one!

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